About me

Ciao, mi chiamo Carlotta.

I’m a pasta-loving, wine-obsessed gastronome (aka a food lover) whose passion for food began in the United Kingdom, at university. Since then I’ve completed a master’s degree in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing at UNISG, lived in the land of truffles and great wines (Le Langhe), New York City, Montalcino (Tuscany) and Milan, home. I sometimes write about food for Italy Segreta, La Cucina Italiana and Tuorlo Magazine. My favorite aspect of food is the culture that surrounds it, which has lead me to launch two newsletter series: The Italy Deep Dive on local products, recipes and wines and The Cabinet of Curiosities which is a space for contributors to share their knowledge on Italian food culture. 

In my spare time, besides cooking, taking pictures of food and planning what to cook next, I love sitting around a pottery wheel and producing plates, bowls and mugs. 

My go-to gelato combination is fragola and fiordilatte and I simply could not live without pasta pesto, gyoza and chai latte.