About me

Ciao, mi chiamo Carlotta.

I’m a pasta-loving, wine-obsessed gastronome (aka a food lover) whose passion for food began in the United Kingdom, at university. Since then I’ve completed a master’s degree in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing, lived in the land of truffles and great wines (Le Langhe), New York City, Montalcino (Tuscany) and Milan, home. I’m a freelancer specialized in digital marketing and communication, with a huge passion for social media and content creation – especially if it has to do with food and wine. I sometimes write about food for The New Gastronome and Tuorlo Magazine. 

In my spare time, besides cooking, taking pictures of food and planning what to cook next, I love sitting around a pottery wheel and producing plates, bowls and mugs. 

My go-to gelato combination is fragola and fiordilatte and I simply could not live without pasta pesto, gyoza and chai latte.