Chocolate Cake to make people fall in love (with you)

(makes 1 | 45 minutes | easy)

Also known as torta caprese, it originates from the island of Capri, just off the coast from Naples. It only requires 5 ingredients and is super straightforward and it also happens to be gluten free!

175g almond flour – 125g butter, room temperature – 140g caster sugar – 3 eggs – 140g dark chocolate

  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C. Break the chocolate into small pieces and place it in a heatproof bowl, add a sliver of butter and place over a small pot in which you’ve added two fingers of water, to allow the chocolate to melt at bain marie. Once it has melted, mix well and set to one side. 
  2. Place the sugar and butter in a large bowl, and mix them together using your hands (the heat from your hands will soften the butter, combining the two ingredients). 
  3. Once the sugar and butter are combined, add the eggs one at the time and mix with a whisk. Add each egg only after the previous one has been incorporated well. 
  4. Once the eggs are all in, pour in the melted chocolate and mix well for a couple of minutes. And don’t forget to lick the melted chocolate bowl thoroughly. 
  5. Sprinkle in the almond flour and combine. 
  6. Line a 20cm baking dish with parchment paper and pour the cake mix into the tin, leveling it with a spatula. 
  7. Bake for 30 minutes or until cooked – you can test this by inserting a knife into the centre of the cake, if it comes out clean it means the cake is properly baked. 
  8. Optionally, to serve, sprinkle with powdered sugar.