Dad’s French Toast

(serves 3 | 15 minutes | easy)

An ancient family tradition that dates back 20 years, and one of the five dishes in my dad’s culinary repertoire (along with risotto, carbonara, penne alla vodka and fried eggs). I hope this dish can brighten up your rainy weekend! I know “serves 3” is a bit of an odd serving but traditionall when Dad makes French Toast mom has the morning to herself… so breakfast for 3!

3 eggs – 3 pieces of bread (he uses the pre-sliced one) – brown sugar – cinnamon – 2 tbsp milk – knob of butter – 1 tbsp of Cuban Rum (optional)

  1. Place the milk, rum and eggs in a bowl, whisk well using a fork. 
  2. Drop the slices of bread into the mix, one at the time, and coat them well. 
  3. Melt the butter in a pan, when it starts to foam place all 3 slices of bread in it. 
  4. Pour the remaining egg mix onto the bread. 
  5. After a few minutes, flip the bread. When both sides form a little crust, you know the french toast is ready. 
  6. Place each slice into a dish, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and scatter over the brown sugar.