Milan Food Guide

The complete list of my super restaurant recommendations in Milan, divided into categories according to cuisine. You can find the rest of the restaurants I’ve been to in Milan on my Instagram highlights. 

Modern Milanese & Italian

Ratanà, Via G. de Castillia 28 (Isola) 

One of Milan’s newest excellencies, situated in a quiet corner of the Isola district, neighbouring the beautiful Biblioteca degli Alberi. Contemporary Milanese and Italian dining with extreme attention towards ingredients and their seasonality. Risotto alla Milanese is always present and I highly recommend it if you’re not feeling too experimental. 

Røst, Via Melzo 3 (Porta Venezia)

One of my favorite restaurants in Milan, I know that I will always eat something amazing and new. Lovely people who recommend the most wonderful wines and cook delicious, researched food. If you don’t feel like having a whole meal, it’s also the perfect place to have an aperitivo. Order the baccalà mantecato with fennel seeds and pair it with a glass of orange wine. 

Erba Brusca, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286 (Navigli)

Lovely, modern restaurant with natural light flowing in through the huge windows situated a few kilometers outside the centre, alongside the Naviglio Pavese. Basically everything they cook comes from the vegetable garden, of which you can admire a sliver of from your table, and everything is expertly paired with a rich selection of natural wines. A welcoming and relaxed setting in which you can enjoy a cool summer dinner. 


Enoteca Naturale, Via Santa Croce 19/a (Porta Ticinese)

A wonderful space in which you can relax at almost every hour of the day, for lunch, aperitivo, dinner or after dinner, with perhaps the most beautiful and secluded dehor in the whole of Milan. Laura, the talented chef, changes the menu constantly and proposes an array of assaggi, each better than the next! 

Al Pont de Ferr, Ripa di Porta Ticinese 55 (Navigli)

Perhaps my favorite modern and high-end Italian restaurant in Milan, where I’ve always eaten exceptionally well and felt welcomed. Their dishes change often but they have a few “ever greens” on their menu which I couldn’t recommend more: cipolla di zucchero soffiato filled with soft goat cheese, caramelized onion and bread. 

Meste’, Via Corrado il Salico 12 (Ripamonti)

A selection of small dishes and great natural wines next to a quiet park. Relaxed outdoor space where you can enjoy sharing revisited Italian and Milanese dishes which change frequently. Chef and owner are very simpatici and laid back. 

Bicerìn, Via Panfilo Castaldi 24 (Porta Venezia)

An enoteca with more than 800 labels and a bistrot which offers a selection of the finest dishes of the Italian cuisine. I recommend trying their mixed salumi platter and ending with the chocolate fondue with biscuits. 

Traditional Milanese

Antica Trattoria della Pesa, Viale Pasubio 10 (Garibaldi)

Authentic Milanese cuisine in a traditional, formal setting which feels like stepping back twenty years (in a good way). One of the few traditional Milanese restaurants where you can taste risotto al salto, my all-time favorite dish: crispy on the outside, molten in the middle risotto allo zafferano

La Bettola di Piero, Via Orti 17 (Porta Romana)

A super cozy restaurant with delicious traditional dishes, from brasato with purè to risotto and pumpkin ravioli. Full of milanesi and a great place for a family dinner. 


Spazio Niko Romito, Piazza Duomo  

Experience Niko Romito’s amazing food as you overlook Piazza Duomo on one side and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele on the other. A wonderful menu composed of revisited traditional dishes from Abruzzo, Romito’s home. Whichever dishes you end up choosing, I’m positive you won’t be disappointed. 

Crosta, Via Belotti 13 (Risorgimento)

Whether you’re looking for a freshly made croissant, a beautiful loaf of lievito madre bread or an excellent pizza with toppings that vary weekly, Crosta is a must. If you don’t feel like sitting down for a meal, head around the corner to their Crosta Lab for an amazing pizza al portafoglio.

Le Rosse, Corso Garibaldi 79 (Brera)

A great little quaint restaurant offering delicious salumi, cheeses and primi, accompanied by a wonderful selection of wine. They source ingredients from all over Italy so you can find a lot of niche products, like prosciutto di Cinta Senese and Culatello di Zibello. 

Pasta Fresca Brambilla, Via Melzo 2 (Risorgimento)

An artisanal fresh pasta laboratory with a few tables for those who wish to enjoy a plate of freshly made pasta. Fillings and pasta shapes change in accordance to the seasons as the ingredients they use are always fresh. Perfect for a cute lunch date!

Rost Eat, Via Vigevano 14 (Porta Genova)

The best place to end a night of bar hopping and aperitivi on the Navigli is with a basket of insane arrosticini and a glass of beer. The place is small but you somehow always manage to squeeze into a seat and receive your order of piping hot arrosticini (meat on skewers) from Abruzzo. 

Trapizzino, various locations

Delicious fried corners of pizza and focaccia stuffed with a myriad of fillings: pollo alla cacciatora, parmigiana, lingua in salsa verde and more, as well as a couple of daily proposals. Great for a quick lunch on the go or an aperitivo, paired with one of the many great natural wines the house has. 


Vasiliki Koutzina, Via Clusone 6 (Porta Vittoria)

Wonderful, authentic and well executed Greek dishes in a modern and chic setting. I recommend starting with their Aplistia, a selection of Greek bites that narrate the countries history and gastronomic traditions. 


Osaka, Corso Garibaldi 68 (Brera)

Delicious fish and ingredients in a very traditional Japanese setting. At Osaka you can truly taste Japan’s traditional cuisine, where high quality is the most important factor. Their mixed sashimi and light tempura are to die for. 

Iyo, Via Piero della Francesca 74 (Porta Volta)

Milan’s finest gourmet Japanese experience, fully curated, perfect for the celebration of a special occasion. Detailed tasting menus guide you through a journey of discovery of taste and texture as you peek through the open kitchen. 

Tenoha, Via Vigevano 18 (Porta Genova)

Via Vigevano’s latest addition is this brightly lit and well designed space which hosts a concept store, restaurant and co-working space. The restaurant is great for lunch as it is relaxed and full of natural light, with a traditional Japanese cuisine which offers an array of raw fish dishes, bento boxed and hearty Udon soups. 

Casa Ramen Super, Via Ugo Bassi 26 (Isola)

Casa Ramen is truly super! All their ramens are delicious, spicy and full of flavour, but they also make so many more amazing foods. Try their pork bao to start with and super ramen with the most wonderful egg you will ever eat. 

Wicky’s Innovative Japanese Cuisine, Corso Italia 6 (Missori) 

Experimental, delectable Japanese-inspired creations by Wicky, the charismatic Chef. All the food is sublime but I highly recommend trying one of the tasting menus as it allows you to discover the extent of Wicky’s innovative mind. If you’re looking to spend a bit less, try one of the lunch menus. 


Pavè, multiple locations 

My favorite gelato in Milan. Artisanal ice cream made exclusively by using seasonal fruits and ingredients. A great selection of experimental flavours like sbrisolona and pane, latte e miele


Ba Asian Mood, Via Raffaello Sanzio 22 (De Angeli) 

Refined, contemporary Chinese cuisine in an elegant setting, perfect for a romantic date or to celebrate a special occasion. Their dim sum are extraordinary and the perfect way to begin your meal. As a main dish I would recommend you try their riso soffiato served with piping hot veggies and chicken with the most wonderful sauce. 

Mu Dimsum, Via Aminto Caretto 3 (Centrale)

Dimsum paradise in a modern and sleek setting, not far from the Stazione Centrale. Alongside classic dim sum like Bao and Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) they have an array of daily proposals which mix Chinese and Italian flavours. I highly recommend starting with their Char Siu Bao, grilled pork buns which are then glazed. 

Yuan Chinese Hot Pot , Via Paolo da Cannobio 2 (Duomo)

Down to earth Chinese food and hot pot a few hundred meters from Piazza Duomo. An infinite menu full of delicious, greasy (in a good way) and filling dishes. If you’re into having a big dinner or are feeling cold, try the hot pot. If not, try the aubergines with minced pork.  


Ginmi, Via Giovanni Paisiello 7 (Piola)

Delicious, traditional Korean food in a welcoming setting with the loveliest hosts. Definitely the place you have to visit if you want to taste real Korean food, from the flavourful Kimchi pancake (which isn’t spicy) to their groundbreaking Bibimpab. 

Seon, Via San Calimero 3 (Porta Romana)

A delicious Korean restaurant in the heart of Milan serving traditional dishes expertly prepared. Try the yukhoe, a tender beef tartare seasoned with sesame seeds and preserved egg, all served with a crunchy Korean pear. 


Bulk Mixology Bar, Via Fioravanti 4 (Chinatown/Porta Volta)

A contemporary mixology bar within a chic and modern hotel which will make you feel like you’ve been teletransported straight to New York. Great place for a couple of after dinner drinks. 

Bar Basso, Via Plinio 39 (Città Studi) 

A true Milanese classic, unmissable during a trip to Milan or to visit at least once if you’re a local. Bar Basso is always filled with people to the brim so finding seating inside is basically impossible, fortunately there is plenty of pavement space outside – great for mingling with new people too! Order Negroni Sbagliato, Bar Basso is its birthplace!

Chiosco Mentana, Piazza Mentana (Sant’Ambrogio) 

Cocktails and wine in a traditional chiosco right in Milan’s centre, just off bustling Via Torino. It isn’t as much about the drinks as it is about the vibe: carefree, down to earth and fun, especially after a blistering summer day. 

Dry Milano, Via Solferino 33 (Brera/Porta Nuova)

Good, classic cocktails in a hip bar and pizzeria (which reminds me: their pizzas and focaccias are amazing).

Champagne socialist, Via Lecco 1 (Porta Venezia) 

Rustic natural wine bar just off Corso Buenos Aires where you can enjoy your last glass of wine of the day – which is obviously natural – in a quiet and cozy space. 

Vinello a Milano, Piazzale Gambara 4 (Forze Armate) 

Cute and down to earth natural wine bar not far from Via Marghera with good and unique bites, perfect for an aperitivo with friends. 


Passerini, Via Victor Hugo 4 (Duomo)

The best croissants in Milan’s centre, just 200 meters from Piazza Duomo. The coffee is apparently pretty good too, I don’t drink any so I wouldn’t know. 

Panarello, multiple locations  

One of Milan’s most traditional and historic pasticcerie (although it is originally from Genova) which makes the most amazing “cannoli Milanesi” as I like to call them, cannoncini is their official name. Bring a tray of Panarello’s cannoncini to a dinner party and you’ll be loved forever. 

Nowhere Cafe, Via Caminadella 15 (Sant’Ambrogio) 

Contemporary and funky cafe serving a wide variety of coffee and hot beverages with dairy free alternatives, paired with delicious pastries and cakes. Cinnamon buns, banana bread, cardamom buns, cheesecake… the list could go on forever! Perfect for hanging out with friends or for a long coffee date. 

Loste Cafe, Via Guicciardini 3 (Risorgimento)  

The latest addition to Milan’s specialty coffee and artisanal pastry scene, perfect for a delectable breakfast. Their pastry offer changes often but you can never go wrong with a butter, flakey and warm croissant, fresh out of their oven.