New York City Food Guide

Behold my treasure, my personal list of all my favorite restaurants in New York City, the ones I had the pleasure of discovering during my 3 month stay at the end of 2019.

Treat Yo Self

The Four Horsemen, Greenpoint 

Sitting at a table sipping your glass of super-funky natural wine and tasting the latest weekend menu the talented chefs came up with will make you feel like you are in the spot. With 30$ you get a delicious four-course menu, expertly prepared and filled with delicious dishes. If you visit during the week, do yourself a favour and order the gnocchi cacio e pepe – you can thank me later. 

King Restaurant, SOHO

It’s impossible to describe King in one phrase, you simply have to experience it for yourself. The expert staff & chef serve delicious, seasonal food with high quality and fresh ingredients in a welcoming, modern and chic restaurant. The food is simple yet truly delicious, you must try their famous galette, topped with whichever fruit in season. 


Atla is one of those places where you keep going back not just because the food is good, or because the drinks are delicious, but because you feel good just being there. Whether you’re sipping a glass of Baja wine, your Mexican craft beer or an expertly-made Pisco Sour, you feel like you’re in the coolest place in New York City. I can’t say enough about the food either, all made with Mexican products, paying homage to their amazing culinary culture by respecting all the recipes. If you’re a fan of spice, start with salsa verde, followed by a quesadilla (my favorite was the one with “just” queso). The salsa verde is abundant enough that you can spread it all over your quesadilla too. 


Los Tacos n.1, multiple locations

If you’re a Mexican food lover like me, but you could never call yourself an expert, Los Tacos Number 1 will be more than a great meal—it will be an education. If you’ve never tasted nopal (cacti) tacos before, now is your chance. 

Faun, Prospect Park 

Another great discovery, this small restaurant near Prospect Park, full of natural light, is the perfect spot for a family brunch. Try the eggs in purgatory (poached eggs with tomato, basil, courgettes and parmigiano). 

Ten Bells, Lower East Side 

The Ten Bells is honestly the best aperitivo spot in the whole city. Great (natural) wine, great drinks and even better tapas. It’s like the perfect mix of Italy and Spain, in the world’s most vibrant city. Take advantage of the happy hour deal with $1 oysters before 7pm. 

JG Melon, West Village

Delicious burger joint serving traditional cheeseburgers and bacon cheeseburgers without too many frills. Great price and quality ratio and a welcoming environment. 

Niche, Lower East Side 

Niche has to be the greatest culinary discovery of my time living in NYC. It appealed to me at first glance. The small, cozy space, a long communal table with just 15 seats and a small kitchen at the back where two chefs are busy preparing great Japanese fusion dishes. Out of the various mazémen options they had the one which intrigued me the most was steak mazémen, noodles paired with medium-rare ribeye, pork sauce, menma (bamboo roots), spinach and a poached egg. What was great about it was that it had some sauce (which was just like a reduced broth) so the dish wasn’t actually completely dry but exquisitely succulent. 

Xi’an Famous Foods, multiple locations 

Delicious, hearty bowls of piping hot soup and hand pulled noodles with a variety of toppings, perfect for combatting the freezing New York temperatures. 

Two Little Red Hens Bakery, Upper East Side 

The best chocolate cookies in the upper part of Manhattan, worth a stop on your way to the Guggenheim.