(makes 4 | 30 minutes | easy)

I like to refer to them as life-saving because they’re the perfect dish for a quick lunch and simultaneously cure all your stuffed bread cravings.

200g plain flour “00” – 93ml water1 and 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil – pinch of salt – desired cured meat for filling – desired cheese for filling

  1. Place the flour, pinch of salt, water and olive oil in a bowl and mix together, then start kneading with your hands until you achieve a smooth and compact ball. Place to rest in the bowl covered by a kitchen towel as you prepare the filling. 
  2. You can fill them with whatever you please, I usually go for prosciutto crudo or coppa paired with mozzarella or scamorza (I’m a girl of simple tastes) but you can put whatever you like, from grilled veggies to meat, fish, all types of cheese and leafy greens. Cut the cheese into thin slices and have it close by.
  3. Separate the large ball of dough into four smaller balls and begin rolling them out until they are thin as crêpes. Heat an iron skillet over high heat and drop in the piadina.
  4. Once bubbles begin to form, flip it over and place the cheese on one half, then whichever other topping you chose. Close the piadina in half and after pressing it down for a few seconds remove and eat!